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Phase 2 of Unique Business Identifier for Hong Kong Companies

Time:   07.10.2023
Phase 2 of Unique Business Identifier for Hong Kong Companies

The Hong Kong Government has decided to adopt the Business Registration Number (“BRN”) as the Unique Business Identifier (“UBI”) number for different entities in Hong Kong. With effect from 1 November 2021, a new initiative of UBI is implemented for Limited Partnership Funds under Phase 1 while the limited companies and other types of entities registered under the Companies Registry will be implemented the UBI of Phase 2 on 27 December 2023.

  1. Company number will cease to be used

    Before the implementation of Phase 2, Companies Registry will issue a letter to each existing company about the change of use BRN as the UBI number and cease to use company number.

    In addition, after the Phase 2 implemented, Companies Registry will not assign company number for new registered companies. The BRN will be shown on the Certificate of Incorporation. Also, existing companies may apply for a Letter of Confirmation as evidence of change of number issued by the Companies Registry.

  2. Revision of specified forms

    Companies Registry will accept the revised specified forms after the implementation of Phase 2. The Registry will still accept the existing forms for a six-month period starting from the implementation date as a transitional arrangement excepting the forms NNC1, NNC1G, NNC5, NN1 will only be accepted for four weeks.

  3. Additional information for Incorporation and Annual Return

    The below additional information are required to be reported when filing the incorporation from and annual return:-

    (1) Nature of Proposed Business with code and description;
    (2) Hong Kong Contact Telephone Number; and
    (3) Company Secretary’s Trust or Company Service Provider License number. If not provide, reason must be given for not require to obtain a TCSP license.

New specified forms have been released by Companies Registry and those forms will only be accepted after the commencement of Phase 2. If Kaizen is acting as the Company Secretary for your company, we shall prepare the appropriate forms for any pending or new cases in due course.