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We, Kaizen Certified Public Accountants Limited (the Company), aim to provide you with the best services by striving always to exceed your expectations of the value for money and by anticipating your needs, ensure timely service delivery, and performing our responsibilities with thoroughness and integrity. The Company specializes in assisting small and medium size companies in their growth. We recognise that due to capital and labour constraints, you probably need experience and knowledgeable professional help even more. We also understand that people who venture into businesses are experts more in manufacturing and selling than in accounting and finance. However, your accounting and finance are of prime concerns to your investor, bankers, the Registrars of Companies and the Inland Revenue Authorities. We can assist you by preparing and implementing the financial arrangements you need to develop your business. When you require additional financing to expand, we can assist you in preparing business plans, forecasts and budgets. In short you have access to our services even if you are just taking your first steps in your path to business success. The Company has two ...

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