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Our China Company Formation Services

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Our China Company Formation Services

Company Registration Services

With China’s entry into WTO, it is developing into an increasingly international market. Most of the world’s top 500 multinational companies have set up establishments in China and made remarkable achievements. Besides these multinationals, thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises have also set up offices or subsidiaries in China.

Kaizen is well equipped with experienced consultants who are familiar with the laws and procedures of company registration in China and are capable of providing you with the most appropriate solutions and suggestions for company registration to help you rapidly expand business in China. Kaizen can provide the following services in relation to company registration:

  • Consulting Services for Company’s Structure Establishment
  • Foreign Invested Enterprise (FIE) Registration Service
  • Joint Venture (JV) Registration Service
  • China Domestic Company Registration Service
  • Representative Office (RO) of Foreign Enterprise Registration Service
  • Branch Office Registration Service
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Services
  • Bank Account Opening Services
  • Special Licenses Application Services (such as Food Operation Permit, Human Resources Service Permit, etc.) 

Annual Audit and Report Services

According to the Provisional Regulations on Enterprise Information Publicity, an enterprise shall submit the annual report of the previous year to the Administration for Industry and Commerce through the enterprise credit information publicity system during the period from January 1 to June 30 each year. In the meantime, Pursuant to the Notice of the Integrated Report on the Annual Investment and Operation Information of Foreign Invested Enterprises jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, State Taxation Administration, Statistics Bureau and Administration for Foreign Exchange, foreign-invested enterprises established and registered in China as stipulated by the laws shall fill in the investment and operation information of the previous year during the period from April 1 to June 30. Relevant information will be Shared by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, State Taxation Administration, Statistics Bureau and Administration for Foreign Exchange.

Kaizen could, based on the accounting, taxation and company business data, assist to arrange annual audit and annual report filing work.  Kaizen’s services mainly include:

  • Annual Audit and Tax Audit Service
  • Annual Report Service with Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • Annual Integrated Report Service

Change of Company Registration Particulars

With the business development, an enterprise’s registration particulars, such as registered capital, registered address, business scope, legal representative, company name, shareholder’s name and shares, may change. In case any of the company’s registration particulars change, you shall need to apply for the change of registration particulars with the relevant company registration authority in time. According to Company Law of People’s Republic of China, the registration authorities are entitled to order the company to register the change within a stipulated time limit where the company fails to register the change of its registration particulars. Penalty may even incur for failure to register within the stipulated time limit.  

Kaizen could assist to handle the change registration and our company registration particulars change services mainly include:

  • Registered Capital Increase Services 
  • Registered Capital Decrease Services
  • Change of Total Investment for Companies
  • Change of Registered Address for Companies
  • Change of Business Scope for Companies
  • Change of Legal Representative for Companies
  • Change of Company Name for Companies
  • Change of Shareholder’s Name for Companies
  • Registration of Share Transfer for Companies
  • Change of Chief Representative/Representative for RO
  • Change of Registered Address for RO
  • Change of Name for RO
  • Extension of Residence Term for RO
  • Change of Person-in-Charge for Branch
  • Change of Registered Address for Branch
  • Change of Name for Branch

Company Liquidation and Deregistration Services

Pursuant to Company Law of People’s Republic of China, companies to be dissolved shall apply for deregistration as stipulated by laws.
Deregistration application shall be submitted to the registration authorities where a company is to be dissolved. The aforesaid registration authorities include but not limited to Administration for Market Regulation, Commerce Bureau, Tax Bureau, Administration for Foreign Exchange, Customs House, Bank, etc. As the deregistration procedures are relatively complicated, it usually takes around 3 to 6 months to complete the whole procedures. For certain cases, it may take even more time.

During the deregistration process, tax liquidation and deregistration is the most complicated part. The tax authorities will conduct a comprehensive investigation on the books, vouchers, financial statements, contracts, tax returns, etc. for the period from the date of incorporation to the date of liquidation. Accordingly, the enterprise shall provide all the aforesaid materials for tax officers’ supervision and make reasonable explanations to any questions raised by the tax authorities in relation to the liquidation. Any departure from the tax laws may cause tax repayment, overdue fine and even penalties.

Kaizen could assist to handle tax clearance and deregistration and deregistration with other registration authorities. Kaizen’s liquidation and deregistration services mainly include:

  • Liquidation Audit Service
  • Tax Filing Service for Liquidation Period
  • Tax Clearance and Deregistration Service
  • Deregistration Service with Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • Deregistration Service for Foreign Direct Investment 
  • Deregistration Service of Special License/Permit
  • Bank Accounts Closing Service
  • Bank Balance Remittance Service 

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