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Business Contents
Kaizen provides property management service, such as buying, selling, leasing, activation and utilization of Japanese real estate. To increase your asset utilization and return on investment, we will provide professional consulting and advisory services.  

Consulting Services
As a planning expert of real estate activation and utilization, we will provide a series of relevant consulting services.  
For all kinds of real estate related businesses, we will provide comprehensive support services with expert knowledge and experience.
For the activation and utilization, transformation, inheritance of real estate, and the transfer, acquisition, change of property rights, we will provide a satisfactory plan for customers to make the best choice and decision, build a good relationship based on mutual trust.

Buy & Sell Real Estate
We will introduce the condominium ownership and investment property from one of the mansions and apartment buildings.  
1. Mainly recommend the real estate in the downtown area that meets the actual needs of customers.
2. Through our company’s resource network, try our best to help customers search for projects with more favorable market prices, such as real estate that has not been put into the market or a property that has been assigned to lawyers to arrange sales for debt repayment.  
3. Assist customers who are interested in selling property and provide advice on property sales.
4. Our consultant team keeps close cooperation with professional lawyers and tax accountants to help you to conduct transactions smoothly.

Activate, Manage, Lease & Sale a Real Estate
To meet customer needs that increasing the income from real estate, we will formulate plans for the activation and utilization of real estate, such as transforming buildings into hotels or homestays; transforming single-family homes/ mansion apartments into share houses; leasing offices or transforming offices into coworking spaces.  
Renovate and transform according to customer’s budget, formulate a plan could make full use of property, meet customer needs of maximum return on assets.

Property Management
In order to increase the profits of the buildings, it’s necessary to make proper maintenance plans and create reasonable cost budgets according to the extensive property information, including surrounding environment information.
Combining with our professional skills and technical analysis capabilities accumulated in property management business over the years, we collect information on the spot in person. We strive to meet the expectations of building owners or asset managers.

Property Management

Kaizen provides one-stop service for a wide range of complex property operations. From the formulation of executive management plan to the management of rental income, Kaizen could provide various services related to apartments, buildings and residential buildings.

Tenancy Management

Kaizen provides daily rental account management and services for tenant’s requirements, as well as contract renewal and rent amendment, communication and coordination with tenants.

Asset Management

Kaizen has a team of experienced lawyers and tax accountants to provide professional real estate legal services and tax  services.
We are proud of our trustworthy qualities that we have cultivated in a long-term cooperation with building owners.

Owner Support

Kaizen provides support services for various property and property rights issues of building owners, to help customers deal with disputes between landlords and tenants, negotiations with financial institutions, tax declarations and tax planning (including inheritance issues), etc.

Operational Reporting

Reporting on the completion of daily operations correctly and timely, which can help to make a quick response to unexpected problems.
With our extensive experience in managing multiple properties over the years, we could provide an accurate and efficient reporting system to handle property emergencies in a timely manner.

Building Management
Kaizen provides one stop building management services, shares information with property managers, and strives to achieve excellence in management skills and problem solving skills.

Cleaning Service

● Cleaning service is easy for anyone to identify the quality of work, but it is difficult to calculate the reasonable cost.
● Therefore, we will set the best service area and frequency according to the actual sitiuation of the property, and properly complete the relevant affairs within reasonable budget.
● It’s one of the most useful services we’ve had in our career for many years.

Equipment Management Service

Daily inspections are essential to equipment management. To ensure safety and durability of equipment, we take regular maintenance and repairs for each equipment in a planned way.
Equipment management service which follows guidelines on equipment management affairs, could ensure customer safety when using the equipment in the building. It also aims to avoid unnecessary costs caused by unexpected events or serious accidents through routine maintenance.

Environmental Hygiene Service

Environmental testing, flume cleaning, waste disposal, pest control, plant management, etc.
Kaizen provides a variety of services to maintain health and comfort of buildings and residents.

Safety Service

Kaizen provides not only daily security services such as reception services and security guard services, but also relevant services such as parking management.

Emergency Service

● For emergencies and incidents, our emergency centre will respond within 24 hours. Kaizen provides efficient technical support for emergencies and other unconventional services.
● Tenant demand for leasing buildings is becoming more complex and diverse with stricter requirements. Along with the disclosure of market information, the higher quality tenants they are, the more sensitive they are to the latest market trends and conditions.
● Nowadays, it’s one of our company goals to build a good relationship between suppliers and users.
● Based on the abundant information of tenants on the internet, with the accurate understandeing and analytical skills of market trends, we make strategic leasing plans to meet customers’ income expectations. We strive to achieve the service expectations of householders and asset managers.

Leasing & Management

Leasing Strategy

Primary Research
  ■ Market Environment Research
  ■ Surrounding Environment Research
  ■ Data Checking

Real Estate Investment Analysis
  ■ The Consistency with Market Demand
  ■ The Necessity of Transformation
  ■ The Setting of Appropriate Tenant Recruitment Conditions

Business Activities
  ■ Formulation of Real Estate Activation Scheme
  ■ Tenant Recruitment Methods
  ■ Promotional and Marketing Activities
  ■ Tenant Credit Check and Background Check