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Japan Accounting and Tax Services

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Japan Accounting and Tax Services

Japan is divided into national taxes and local taxes. Among them, national tax includes corporate tax, special local corporate tax, consumption tax, etc. while local tax includes enterprise tax, corporate inhabitant tax, local consumption tax, fixed asset tax, depreciated property tax, etc.

According to the Japan tax law, various settlements and declarations are required to process at the end of the year. Accounting and tax declarations are cumbersome and complicated tasks for individuals that considering establishing a company or for the operating of established companies. In order to allow customers to devote all their energy to the company's operations, Kaizen could provide client the services of tax consultants, accounting and bookkeeping and various tax declaration services. Our services are listed below:

Service Items

Services Contents

Company Side

Consulting Services + Bookkeeping

  1. Consulting services:
    Preparation of data and supporting service for business required, such as financial flow analysis, various sales reports, tax-saving strategies, etc.
  2. Bookkeeping (Kaizen will assist to handle the accounting and bookkeeping on behalf of company):
    Preparation of document and data entry based on invoice, expenditure details, sales, and account details. Each file will mail to client’s company, and a PDF file will send to the mailbox of person in charge.

Consulting Services + Accounting Data Audit

  1. Consulting services:
    Preparation of data and supporting service for business required, such as financial flow analysis, various sales reports, tax-saving strategies, etc.
  2. Accounting data audit:
    If the client company has an accounting staff, Kaizen will provide the reviewing and confirmation service for the accounts prepared by the client.

Settlement services

It includes the preparation of statement of account, declaration of corporate tax, local tax returns, accounting statement, general statement, fixed asset depreciation statement, and the general ledger.
Tax countermeasures before tax the declaration, preparation of tax declaration forms for various government departments, declaration, preparation of payment forms, preparation of statements of account for the update of the business management visa, etc.

Declaration of Consumption Tax

Applying for the tax refund of simplified tax system, principle tax, consumption tax

Declaration of Tax on a Pro Forma Basis

Perform tax declaration on a Pro Forma Basis.
Remarks: When the capital exceeds JPY 100 million, the local tax returns shall attach the tax declaration form on a Pro Forma Basis

Year-End Tax Adjustment

Calculation of withholding tax and issuing the withholding tax form

Payroll Service

Year-end salary adjustment Submitting the withholding tax form to government department

Statutory Records

Preparation of payment bill Prepares and declares the statutory records to the tax office

Depreciated Property Tax

Declaration of the depreciated property tax to the government department

Individual Side

Declaration of Real Estate Income

The settlement and the declaration of the rented real estate

Declaration of Income from Share Transfer

Declaration when there is selling of real estate or selling or transferring the shares


Application of tax refund of medical expenses that qualified for tax deductions or the housing loan deductions, etc.


Besides the preparation of the statement of settlement, the settlement countermeasures are also very important before the settlement. The company can save taxes according to the countermeasures of settlement.

For the client that using our consulting services (including settlement services), Kaizen could provide the bank account opening service free of charge.

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