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Q&A Regarding Property and Behavior Tax (2)

Is property tax levied on the residential houses and commercial/residential mixed-use houses purchased for residential purpose by individuals?
The property owned by individuals for non-business purposes is exempt from property tax.

When will the property tax be calculated for a property that the company received on October 15, 2021?
For the purchase of new commercial houses, the property tax and urban land use tax will be levied from the month after the house is delivered for use.

How to pay the deed tax for the purchase of new houses by individuals using demolition compensation?
Because the land and houses are collected and requisitioned by the people's governments at or above the county level, and the ownership of the land and houses is re-submitted, the part of the transaction price that does not exceed the land, house compensation fees and resettlement subsidies will be exempted from deed tax.

When shall the vehicle and vessel tax be declared?
A: The vehicle and vessel tax is declared annually, calculated monthly and paid one-off. The tax year is from January 1 to December 31 of the Gregorian calendar.

How is the scope of stamp duty levied on technical consulting contracts regulated?
A: A technical consultation contract is a technical contract concluded by the parties based on the analysis, demonstration, evaluation, prediction and investigation of relevant projects. Relevant projects include: 1. Soft science research projects related to the coordinated development of science and technology with economy and society; 2. Technical projects that promote scientific and technological progress and management modernization and improve economic and social benefits; 3. Other professional projects. For contracts with these contents, stamp duty shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the tax items of the "technical contract".

As for general laws, regulations, accounting, auditing and other aspects of consultation, it is not technical consultation, and the contracts signed are not stamped.