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Japan Company Formation Services

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Japan Company Formation Services

With the changes of the Japan economic environment, changes of the high cost system, comprehensive reform of the regulatory system, there are getting more foreign companies investing in Japan, registration of companies in Japan, and carrying out business activities in Japan.

When the foreign companies decided to carry out business activities in Japan, they will consider the following 3 types of companies: ① setting up a Japan Subsidiary Company (Company Limited by Shares or Limited Liability Company) ② Registration of a Japan BranchRegistration of a Japan Representative Office.

Regardless of the form of company to be established in Japan, it is necessary to go through a series of the procedures, such as rent a physical office, handling the registration procedures, opening a bank account, etc. In order to solve the problem of clients for the registration of Japan Company, Kaizen could provide one-stop services to clients, from the leasing of office to the opening of a bank account. The specific services are as below.

Form of Company

Service contents


Registration of the Japan Kabushiki Kaisha (Company Limited by Shares)

1. Provision of the leasing service of the virtual office or the physical office.

2. Company Registration Services:

  • Preparation for the establishment of the company (such as engraving a seal);
  • Preparation and certification of the Articles of Association of the company;
  • Preparation of the registration information (Proof of Capital Remittance, Letter of
  • Appointment Acceptance, Written Decision of the Incorporator, etc.);
  • Application for Company Registration (submit the company registration form to the Japan Legal Affairs Bureau and obtain a copy of the registration certificate);

3. Filing for the company registration (Notification of the establishment of the corporation at Tax Bureau);
4. Bank account opening service;
5. Nominee director services: Nominee director services could be provided to client that requires the local director service;
6. The service of joining the social insurance after the company is established
7. Payroll service and collect and payment services;
8. Safekeeping of the company documents (such as copies of the registration certificate, company stamp, etc.), services that related to company registration.

1. For the registration of the company, if the company is using a virtual office address, it is a low possibility to open a bank account.

Registration of the Japan Goudou Kaisha (Limited Liability Company)

Registration of Japan Shitenn (Branch)

Establishment of the Japan Representative Office

Establishment of an Association

Establishment of the Non-Profit Organization (NPO)

Besides the company formation services, Kaizen could also provide the application service of the business management visa, the service of accounting and taxation, please feel free to contact us.

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