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Japan Visa Services

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JapanVisa Services

Kaizen could provide the service of application for the following Visas

Type of Visa



Business Management Visa


The business management visa (formerly known as the Investment Management Visa before the change of name) is a type of work visa specially designed for outstanding people who set up a company in Japan and would like to operate or manage the Japan Company. In short, this visa will be issued to the following two people:
(1) Establish a company in Japan and going to manage the company.
(2) Managing a Japan Company with a scale equivalent to the listed company (With the academic qualifications and work experience required)

Individuals or companies that would like to invest and incorporate a company in Japan, they could apply for a business management visa (with a term of 4 months) and heading to Japan for the registration of the company. The business management visa could be renewed to 1 year after the company is incorporated.

Visa for Medical Stay


Visa for Medical Stay

Proof of bank deposit is required.
Foreign patients with a certain degree of financial strength are the subject of the application.

Dependent Visa


For the one that holding professors, arts, religion, report, high skilled professional, business management, legal accounting business, medical, research, education, technical humanities international business, intra-company transferee, nursing, performance, skills, cultural activities and the study abroad visa, they could apply a dependent visa for their spouse or child (underage child).

Permanent Residence Visa


The foreigner who meets certain criteria, they could obtain the permanent resident visa.

Short-Term Stay Visa

The common short-term stay visa includes:
1. Visiting relatives (Visit the relatives in Japan)
2. Visiting friends (Visit the friends in Japan)
3. Commercial business trip (For the purpose of participating the consultations, meeting, inspection of factory, etc.)

Visa of Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International Services

The foreigner who acts as the formal employee of the Japan Company could apply for this visa.

Intra-company Transferee

For the employee worked at the headquarter, branch or office located overseas for more than 1 year, when they transfer to Japan, they could apply for this visa.

Visa of Entertainer

The foreign performers, singers, dancers, athletes, etc. participates in income-generating performing arts activities in Japan, will need to apply for this visa.

Artist Visa

The artists such as composers, painters, writers, etc. who go to Japan to join the artistic activities such as income-oriented music, arts, literature, etc. will need to apply for this visa.


Highly Skilled Professionals

According to the academic background, annual salary, working experience, graduated university, etc., if the foreigner meets the criteria, they could apply for this visa.

Naturalization to get Japan Nationality

After meeting certain criteria, Japan Nationality could be obtained.

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