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Our Singapore Company Formation Services

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Company Formation Services

Singapore has highly developed telecommunications network that connects with the global business center. It is a great place for companies to seek for global business growth and implement business development plans. Singapore is one of the world's largest foreign exchange trading centers, which facilitates commercial activities such as cash raising, credit service arrangements, interest rate and currency exchange and so on. In addition, the Singaporean economy has a high degree of transparency and a strict corporate management system.

For these reasons, many overseas investors are interested in setting up a Singapore company as a base of development. Since the Singaporean authorities require local people to participate in corporate business, each Singapore private company is required to appoint a Singaporean resident as a director under the Singapore Companies Act. In order to avoid obstacles brought by such requirement to overseas investors, Kaizen provides a Singapore resident as an acting director to meet the Singapore registration requirements in registration of Singapore company.

Kaizen has experienced company registration services consultants who are familiar with Singapore company registration procedures and can provide you with the most suitable solutions and recommendations for company registration to help you quickly expand your business in Singapore. We can provide the following company registration services:

Company Changes Registration Services

With the development of the business, company registration matters, such as increased registered capital, registered address, company name and share transfer, etc., may change. When this occurs, you need to promptly report to Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

We can assist you with the registration of changes based on changes in your registration. Our service for company registration information changes mainly includes:

  • Increase of Share Capital service
  • Share Allotment service
  • Change of Company registered address service
  • Change of Company name service
  • Change of shareholder’s Company Name service
  • Share transfer service
  • Change of director service
  • Change of business license service
  • Change of bank registration information service
  • Change of license information for various special industries services
  • Preparation and revision of Company Constitution services
  • Revision of Share certificate and order of newly Company Seal services
  • Extension of Employment Pass and EntrePass
  • Change of Particular for applicant of Employment Pass, EntrePass, Dependent Pass and Long Term Visit Pass etc.  

Company Liquidation and Dissolution Services

When the client intends to dissolve a Singapore Company, he/she shall check and ensure that all outstanding matters related to the Company, if any, are settled. If there are any assets and liabilities in the balance sheet, client should arrange for disposal of all those assets and settle all outstanding debts before applying for deregistration. In the process, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore has the right to request the company to pay the tax after the tax return is examined before completing all the dissolution process.

Kaizen will, at the same time, review the company secretarial files and tax filing history so as to ensure that the deregistration requirements are met. When everything is in order, deregistration application documents will be filed to the ACRA. Due to the complexity of the procedure, the time for a company liquidation and dissolution is usually 3 to 6 months, and even longer in special cases.

Kaizen can assist you in processing of liquidating and dissolution services. We can provide the following related services for liquidation and dissolution:

  • Singapore Goods and Services Tax (GST) Cancellation service
  • Business licenses for special industry cancellation service
  • Preparation and submitting related required documents for dissolution
  • Bank account cancellation service

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