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China Further Adjusts Entry Policy for Foreigners

Time:   26.09.2022
China Further Adjusts Entry Policy for Foreigners

Recently, Chinese embassies in the United States, France, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and other countries have released notices on their official websites respectively, announcing the adjustment to the entry policy for foreigners.

According to the notices issued by the relevant embassies, foreigners holding the following certificates are allowed to enter the mainland of China starting from24 August 2022 (Beijing time) with no need for applying for new visas:
  1. Foreigners holding valid APEC business travel card (excluding virtual APEC business travel card) to engage in business activities in China;
  2. Foreign students holding valid study residence permits.

Before this adjustment, China has already cancelled the requirement for the visa invitation letter (PU Letter) issued by the relevant Chinese authorities when applying for the work visa (Z visa), business visa (M visa) or visit visa (F visa) to China. The relevant visa can be applied by submitting the routine documents required before the epidemic.

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