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Businessmen Visit Taiwan

Time:   10.03.2022
Businessmen Visit Taiwan

According to the statement of Ministry of Health and Welfare, the policy for foreign businessmen to visit Taiwan is much easier from 07/03/2022 since the global situation of Covid-19 becomes stable. The required period of quarantine is shortened from 14 to 10 days. The start day of quarantine is from the day of final contact to 10 days later. The quarantined person tested negative upon the final day of quarantine is allowed to be exempted from quarantine and proceeds self-health monitoring for the following 7 days.

The measures for businessmen to visit Taiwan this time as below:

  1. Foreigners

    The applicant shall visit the Taiwan ambassador for special permit for the purpose of research, investment, fulfillment of contract, and employment these mentioned business activities.

  2. Residents from Hong Kong and Macau

    For fulfillment of contract or internal deployment these mentioned business activities, the invited persons from Mainland China shall submit his/her application through the National Immigration Agency online system; residents from Hong Kong and Macau shall apply for at the Taipei economic and cultural office or ambassador in their country.